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"This was my second time going to Chris Prentiss, PT, for physical therapy. First time around was after a hip replacement and second time was for therapy on my left arm after a pacemaker implant. After 6 weeks of not being able to lift my arm more than chest level I was sure I would never be able to get it above my head but with PT at Chris Prentiss I’m glad to say therapy has been a success. Chris and his staff were sympathetic to my needs and very professional. I highly recommend his practice."
May 03, 2019
"Chris and crew are the best, they are excellent at what they do, and they care. My neck and back problems have required several visits over the years and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. "
Mar 27, 2019
"First I had a problem with my left rotator cuff, after 3 years had the same problem with my right one, and just recently finished my physical therapy for a torn meniscus in my knee. Always went back to Chris and his staff, because they are just WONDERFUL. What ever problems I had it was always fixed. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me."
Feb 26, 2019
"Chris Prentiss pt. Is the only pt office I trust for rehab from injuries. From back to knee the get you into shape. "
Jan 15, 2019
"Chris, Angela and all the staff were very helpful and professional. The excercises they showed me were very helpful. You guys are great! "
Dec 10, 2018
"I just completed 10 sessions of Physical Therapy with Chris Prentiss and his team to address my lower back pain issues. I found Chris and the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. The facility is clean and welcoming, with clean and well working equipment. After these five weeks of treatment, I can say that I definitely feel more physically confident in my movement, pain-free, and generally more robust. I was also given a regimen of several exercises to continue on my own. Highly recommended!"
Nov 24, 2018
"Well, this is my second go round with Chris. After having hip surgery in July, I was prescribed pt. Of course, I chose Chris and his team! As frightened as I was, Chris encouraged me to go forward with my treatment. When I was afraid to go on the treadmill, he encouraged me and helped me feel secure. I am now fully recovered! What can I say about Angela, Steven, Joe and of course Maureen ( she is beautiful and so professional!)? What wonderful support they have been to me during this medical journey. My thanks to all of you! Please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Chris Prentiss. You will be glad you did! Be well, be strong, be blessed!"
Oct 22, 2018
"I started physical therapy with Chris a few months ago and had pain in my shoulder and my left arm with numbness in my fingers. After working closely with him and his team, I no longer have pain or numbness and feel great, thanks for everything!"
Oct 18, 2018
"Had a problem with my rotator cuff to the point that I had a problem sleeping. After the P.T. I finally have a good night sleep. Thank you Chris and your wonderful staff."
Oct 04, 2018
"I went for six weeks, the physical therapy program was excellent. chris and his staff were professional, very knowledgeable and dedicated. the facility was great and the atmosphere friendly. I would recommend their services. on my last day chris said call anytime if I had any questions. thank you for your guidance and support"
Jun 24, 2018
"When I was referred to Chris Prentiss by my orthopedist I wasn't expecting much after 2 previous attempts at physical therapy for previous conditions with very little success. Even as Angela and Chris were creating these exercises for me to do that would help with my particular condition, I wasn't expecting much. They proved me wrong. After the first 3 weeks of my 6 week program, I started to notice that for longer and longer periods of time I was pain-free, but I thought it was my imagination. The 4th week I stopped taking painkillers. By the end of my therapy I was 75% improved and now can do everything I used to do except at a slower pace which is a major improvement. I do the exercises Angela and Chris taught me everyday and I am continuing to improve bit by bit everyday. I take my hat off to both Angela and Chris and would recommend them heartily to my family and friends without reservation."
Jun 07, 2018
"Chris and his team did a nice job providing a good work out, home program and hospitality. I recommend them for anyone's PT needs."
May 24, 2018
"Chris and his staff not only helped me feel better, but they were caring ad compassionate. They helped me overcome my physical obstacles and gave me positive encouragement. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of PT."
Apr 23, 2018
"Could not have asked for a more professional and accommodating experience. From the initial consultation to my discharge the care I received was above-board. The entire staff knows you by name and ensures that you are receiving the best of care. Would highly recommend their services. "
Apr 12, 2018
"Chris and his staff are terrific, caring, and professional. I would recommend them without reservation."
Feb 27, 2018
"Chris and his team of therapists were awesome. They were extremely knowledgeable and made you feel very welcomed. "
Feb 05, 2018
"I needed physical therapy for severe spinal stenosis and neck issues as a result of an automobile accident. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming from my first call, when I spoke to Maureen, the office manager, to set up an appointment for an evaluation. And that is how I have found the entire staff to be, without exception. The staff gets along very well with each other and with each patient. There are occasional surprises, for example, treats or the opportunity to vote on the best pumpkin decorated by the staff members for Halloween. The therapists, Chris and Angela, are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled. They always ask how a patient is feeling, whether the treatments are working and will adjust as necessary. Patients move smoothly from one exercise to the next, and there is rarely a wait time for treatment by the therapist. And they watch whether the patients are performing their exercises properly, and will correct us if we aren't. I also learn from listening to the therapists explain conditions and treatments to other patients. Even after a patient is discharged, the therapists make themselves available for questions or assistance. So, if you or someone you know are in need of physical therapy, want a warm, caring non-mill atmosphere, with excellent therapists, look no further."
Feb 03, 2018
"I went to physical therapy with a herniated disc that was pinching a nerve in my lower back. They were able to strengthen my back & get me strong so that I may get back to work. Professional service & excellent staff.. Highly recommended."
Feb 01, 2018
"I'm very impressed with the operation at the Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy office. The therapists were very knowledgeable and attentive to the patients problems. The therapists mapped out a workout regime that didn't overwork the patients. They were very concerned about how the patients were feeling while performing the exercises and made sure that the patient didn't over extend themselves. The office personnel were very cooperative and amiable when they assisted the patients with their schedules. Sometimes you hear horror stories about the way a therapist stretches the patients problem area. I never experienced any problems with the stretching in my 15 visits of therapy. In fact, I was always asked if I was in pain during the stretches. All in all, I was very happy with my experiences at this therapy office and would highly recommend this office. I would give them a five star rating."
Jan 30, 2018
"I was happy with everything from my first phone call to my discharge visit. Highly recommend."
Jan 26, 2018
"Extraordinary experience. I recovered from my hip replacement in about half the time I expected, and must attribute that to Chris and his tremendous staff. I cannot recommend him any more highly."
Oct 12, 2017
"Follow the staff's instructions and you will notice a great improvement since walking in the door. You can also learn about exercises for other parts of the bodies (that wasn't your reason for coming in), if you pay attention. The entire staff from the receptionists up were very friendly, and pleasant."
Jul 03, 2017
"I was very pleased with the care I received from Chris. It was a pleasant experience. Everyone was kind and understanding. His equipment was great and I am feeling much better. I would definitely use him again if I have to."
Jun 20, 2017
"From the moment you walk in and the office manager greet you you know you are in safe hands. The staff is highly expertise in what they're doing and how they treat their patients and they are likable and really make you feel great while you're healing. I have never worked with the level of physical therapist that Chris Offers and he truly gets down to healing and not just appeasing a client in their pain he actually test you and pushes you to make sure you get healthy in a safe environment that inspires you."
Jun 08, 2017
"Chris and his staff taught me how to overcome pain with the correct exercises and posture. The instructions and explanations were always given with patience and understanding. I've had a very positive outcome and am grateful to Chris."
May 23, 2017
"Chris gave me a new lease on life and how to be more pain free."
May 22, 2017
"I have returned to Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy three times in the past twelve years for different injuries! Every experience has been a good one. Chris is knowledgable, very experienced, kind and caring. His employees are all wonderful!!!! Professional, caring and warm from the receptionist to Chris and everyone in between. They provide an atmosphere that is very conducive to healing. I would highly recommend Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy!"
May 15, 2017
"Professional and friendly."
Apr 28, 2017
"Excellent practice. Chris and staff are very friendly explained all diagnosis and procedures. Therapy is first class and totally effective. Very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and equipment."
Apr 03, 2017
"A very hands on operation. Everyone is kind and thoughtful. I highly recommend! Thank you to all the staff for my recovery"
Feb 23, 2017
"Chris and his staff are fantastic ! This is my second time using Chris and his team (different injuries) and they are extremely professional and caring. I had set goal to be ready for a preplanned Ski trip and they built my program around it. I'm feeling great and ready to !! Thank you."
Jan 20, 2017
"I appreciated that on the first visit I was given a detailed explanation of what my therapy would be and what the goals of therapy would be. The entire staff is courteous. Very professional."
Jan 06, 2017
"Words cant begin to explain my experience at Chris Prentiss PT. When i first arrived for my consultation, i was recieved with a great deal of professionalism and care. From the receptionist to the assistants and all the way to the boss man himself, everyone showed a great deal of passion for the role that they played within this practice. I came in as a rare case that couldnt be explained of how i ended up that way, however my challenging circumstance did not stop these heaven sent people from finding a solution to get me back to a full recovery. I highly recommend this family oriented physical therapist office to anyone who has a problem. Not only did i get treatment for my physical issues but as i got close with each person within the office the therapy went beyond the physical to the point where i felt like i was part of the Chris Prentiss PT family. It was with a heavy heart that i had to part ways when my therapy sessions came to an end, however this is a place that although i may not need to visit again as a patient, i will return as a friend. I give this place two thumbs up and wish them the best as they continue to heal the broken, with their care, compassion, and love for their work and people."
Jan 03, 2017
"P.T. is excellent, very caring and concerned behavior. The entire staff works in harmony (no resistance). The patient is the 'centre-piece' at all times. I feel totally relaxed and confident at each visit. Everyone is very very nice I am totally pleased."
Dec 23, 2016
"When I called for an initial appointment, I was given one right away contrary to other facilities that told me they'd get back to me following insurance authorization. Staff was knowledgeable and a staff member worked with me one-on-one at all times, so I knew I was getting optimum results. I will recommend this facility."
Dec 23, 2016
"Chris Prentiss as well as his staff are very caring and professional.They cured my shoulder pain and gave me exercises to do at home which has also helped me.With the help of Chris and Greg i am to go about my daily routine without pain.Great place to have PT."
Dec 17, 2016
"I am able to do more since I have been coming for treatments. I also feel much better."
Dec 06, 2016
"PT is excellent. Very caring and concerned behavior. The entire staff works in harmony (no resistance) the patient is the "centerpiece" at all times. I feel totally relaxed and confident at each visit. Everyone is very very nice. I am totally pleased."
Dec 01, 2016
"When I called for an initial appointment I was given one right away, contrary to other facilities that told me they'd get back to me following institution authorization. Staff was knowledgeable and a staff member worked with me one-on-one at all times, so I knew I was getting optimum results. I will recommend this facility!"
Dec 01, 2016
"I felt that the workers at Chris Prentiss cared about my well-being; were helpful and even gave me print-outs to refer to at home when I would do my various exercises."
Nov 15, 2016
"Was the best PT office I have used. Everyone was there to help me achieve my goals from day one."
Oct 31, 2016
"Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy was caring, professional and medically knowledgeable. The office staff was confident and helpful as were all therapists, especially those who put up the exercises and stretched and massaged me."
Oct 14, 2016
"Terrific staff.Very effective in helping me to recover from a painful injury.The environment was pleasant as I processed through the selected exercises tailored for my condition. I 'graduated' from physical therapy in record time, thanks to the efficiency and professional treatment by Chris Prentiss."
Oct 09, 2016
"I have been to Chris Prentiss twice over the last several years for two different injuries. Both times I was treated in a professional, friendly and courteous manner. They followed my doctor's protocol and made sure I did all exercises correctly. My outcome for both times, had me back to work and able to perform all daily routines with ease. Thanks Chris and your wonderful team for getting things back to normal for me!"
Sep 26, 2016
"VERY happy with this physical therapy office! Professional, attentive staff. Upbeat atmosphere. Would definately recommend to others!"
Sep 22, 2016
"This past New Years Eve in the afternoon, I was stopped at a red light. A car coming in the opposite direction passed the red light , hit a car , spun around and accelerated into my passenger side of the car. It happened so fast, I never saw the car coming. Thank God I was not seriously hurt nor any of the other people involved in this accident. My whole left side of my body was sore and I had neck and shoulder injuries from the impact. My primary care physician recommended Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy. I had a consultation with Chris and he planned the course of action that would get me on the "road to recovery". My three days per week routine began with heat on the muscles, then I did exercises that focused on my areas of weakness. My session ended with cold compresses. Chris and his professional staff guided me through the exercises and encouraged me every step of the way during my healing process. I was impressed with the place and with the concerned staff. I don't wish for anyone to meet Chris but unfortunately accidents do happen and it's a relief to know Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy is there to help us. THANK YOU CHRIS & YOUR WONDERFUL STAFF!"
Aug 25, 2016
"Great place, great environment, very friendly staff, appointments to fit your schedule. No waiting time. Overall great experience during recovery at physical therapy."
Jul 13, 2016
"This is the nicest place to go for physical therapy. Everyone is extremely friendly and attentive. I 100% recommend them!!"
Jul 13, 2016
"Chris Prentiss Phyisical Therapy is the best place to go for people that actually care, know what they're doing and take the same amount of time with each and every patient. Chris and his team helped me after a very bad car accident and I truly appreciate the care they provided to me!"
Jun 24, 2016
"Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!! Chris and his team are the most friendly and welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. My daily job consist of me being constantly on the computer, which made me develop carpal tunnel. By keeping up with my appointments and doing my hand/arm exercises I am no longer feeling any pain. My experience has been nothing but satisfying. Keep up the great job!!"
Jun 20, 2016
"Joe and I have been going to Chris Prentiss for a long time. He is the physical therapist of choice. He's always extremely positive and encouraging. He fosters a wonderful atmosphere in his staff too. We've always walked away feeling physically and mentally better. It's a delight to go to his office."
Jun 19, 2016
"I am so grateful to Chris Prentiss for his amazing dedication to making all patients reach maximum recovery however big or small the problem may be. I am forever indebted to him for helping me avoid having a C-section with my son. He was in the wrong position and my doctor said that I would most likely end up having to have a C-section because I was already very far along and my son was going to be big baby and the chances of him turning were very slim. I consulted with Chris Prentiss and he had me do some exercises on one of the big gym balls that he has in his facility and we did the exercises everyday for 2 weeks faithfully and thankfully my son moved into the right position and I was able to deliver a healthy 9 lb. baby boy. When you step into Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy you are stepping into your home. Chris and his staff make you feel so welcome and comfortable. He is very knowledgeable in his skill and I have always been able to trust him with whatever treatment plan he has. I have seen him for neck issues as well and he has always managed to put me on the path of recovery with the help of GOD!! Chris and his staff are all a GOD send and my family and I are very blessed to be able to receive top notch care!! I absolutely 100% highly recommend Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy. I work at a large medical facility and he truly is our preferred referral to all of our patients!!"
Jun 17, 2016
"My expierience at Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy was awesome unlike some other Physical Therapy places, the people there show they care about the patients they take their time working with the patients it's not like they rush the patient out like other places, they not only helped me rehab my ankle but they taught me how to keep my knee from getting worst with the stretches and exercises that they gave me to keep doing. Now I am pain free and feeling like my old self I wouldn't be feeling like this if it wasn't for Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy I don't think I would of been pain free"
Jun 16, 2016
"Chris Prentiss and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. They have provided appropriate and targeted PT for my teen-age daughter for 2 injuries, getting her back to the sport she loves as quickly as possible. In addition, they demonstrated genuine care and were always willing talk with us and her coach about her progress. The office staff made dealing with insurance trouble free and the office is immaculate. I highly recommend Chris Prentiss PT."
Jun 14, 2016
"I'm from Lake Grove and was recommended to go to this facility. It was 100% worth the longer drive to get here as opposed to going somewhere closer to home. Chris and his staff are absolutely amazing. I had a back injury which they helped rehabilitate and now I am good as new. I highly recommend going to Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy."
Jun 08, 2016
"great practice"
Jun 08, 2016
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