Our Mission

Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy commits to providing physical therapy services to the people in it'’s surrounding communities. Our team will provide a supportive and educational atmosphere to enable each patient to achieve their physical goals. We will strive to enhance the physical health, fitness and quality of life to those patient's we serve. Additionally, we will strive to provide quality services in a cost efficient, educated manner. We do this by providing superior evidenced based care in a team oriented environment.

Chris Prentiss Physical Therapy will support its employees in their professional and financial growth in direct proportion to the employees efforts, loyalty and motivation in helping to ensure the growth of our facility. Our team will gain satisfaction in being part of an organization that is well known in the community for providing knowledgeable hands on personalized physical therapy services.


  • FAMILY: United to respect and support each other in what we do.
  • COMPASSION: Towards everyone that we interact with.
  • SERVICE: Providing the best experience to those that we care for thus creating raving fans.
  • COURAGE: To excel and be the best there is.
  • EXCELLENCE: In our skills, relationships and attitude.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Own up to everything we do both good and bad.
  • ATTITUDE: True Grit... We will do what it takes to do it right.
  • FUN: With everything we do so that it becomes contagious.